School for Emotional Disturbance and Learning Disabilities

The Haynes Family of Programs School for Emotional Disturbance and Learning Disabilities is a non-public school that works with various school districts to meet the specialized educational needs of students ages 6-22. Our students participate in an integrated therapeutic program consisting of academics and counseling. The school routine is flexible and individualized to meet the particular needs of each student.

The goal of the school is to provide a beneficial environment where students can develop academic, social, and vocational skills that will enable them to transition independently and successfully into the mainstream: work, school, and/or independent living.

The school adheres to Common Core adopted by the State of California, based on the specific needs of each student. Adaptations and individualization of the core curricular ages are done by the teaching staff to assure exposure to the core curricular content for all students.

All students participate in individual therapy with licensed therapists. Students attend therapy sessions weekly. More frequent sessions may be planned if necessary.

The school does not subscribe to any single theoretical approach. Experience has demonstrated that the complexity of the experience and difficulties of the students we serve cannot be addressed by any single conceptual approach.