School for Behavior and Learning Diversity

Renaissance Community Prep - School for Behavior and Learning DiversityRenaissance Community Prep is a non-public school certified by the California Department of Education to serve students ages 5-22.

The school offers a calm, nurturing and structured environment designed to meet the individual needs of the student. Situated within serene park-like grounds classes are constructed to provide a beneficial environment where students can develop academic, social, behavioral and vocational skills that will enable them to transition successfully into the mainstream: work, school and/or independent living.

Our curriculum is highly individualized, hands-on, and designed to address the specific needs of each student. Based on their unique learning potential, students are placed on a traditional diploma track, a GED (General Educational Development) track, or in a community-based learning program with a Certificate of Completion.

The goal of Renaissance is to provide a positive environment where students can develop academic, social, and vocational skills that will enable them to transition independently and successfully into the mainstream of school, work, and/or independent living.

Renaissance Community Prep Includes:

  • Fully credentialed special education teachers with experience serving students with special needs.
  • An integrated therapeutic program consisting of individual and group counseling.
  • Utilization of positive behavior interventions and shaping to address behavioral issues with services from licensed BCBA’s.
  • Licensed therapist providing Language and Speech along with Occupational Therapy.
  • Leisure and group activities such as field trips, games, contest, and physical activities
  • Extended School Year that allows students to maintain the structure of the school setting while continuing to work on skills.
  • Credit Recovery where high school students can make up missing and partial credits for graduation.
  • All students are eligible, when demonstrating readiness, to participate in dual enrollment and/or mainstream back to their public school.
  • Vocational and Workforce Training

    A partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation where students receive training and work a job on grounds earning an hourly wage.

    Jobs and training include:

    • Culinary Arts
    • Construction
    • Landscaping and Maintenance
    • Clerical
    • Automotive
    • Ceramics
    • Gardening

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