Haynes Family of Programs

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While working as a youth authority chaplain, LeRoy Haynes came to believe there was a more effective way of helping many of the trouble boys he saw. He felt that intervention and treatment in a home-like setting were crucial if these boys were to become productive adults. So, in October 1946, he and his wife Jean use their life savings to purchase the Reynolds estate in La Verne, California. There they open the doors of LeRoy Boys’ Home to 10 residents.

More than 60 years later, “Uncle LeRoy’s” legacy has evolved to encompass 18 buildings, including six residential cottages and a state certified K-12 non-public school. Annually the LeRoy Haynes Center serves more than 450 boys and girls of all ages, and their families, through four programs:

*Non-public School

*Residential Treatment

*Mental Health Services

*Community Outreach

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In 1994, LeRoy’s Boys’ Home officially changed its name to LeRoy Haynes Center, which better communicate the depth and richness of the centers’ services.

The LeRoy Haynes Center has grown from a small operation serving just a handful of children into one of the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit organizations of its kind. It is dedicated to helping children with special needs relating to emotional development, autism, Asperger’s Disorder, learning disabilities, abuse, neglect, and abandonment.